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Orthopedic and cutaneous reactions to nickel after total hip replacement

Domagoj Delimar ; Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Clinical Hospital Centre Zagreb and School of Medicine, University of Zagreb,Šalata 6-7, Zagreb
Ivan Bohaček orcid id ; Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Clinical Hospital Centre Zagreb and School of Medicine, University of Zagreb
Zrinjka Paštar orcid id ; Health Department Ministry of Defense Republic of Croatia, Zagreb, Croatia and Department of Health Studies University of Zadar, Zadar, Croatia
Jasna Lipozenčić ; Croatin Academy of Medical Science, Zagreb, Praška 2

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Implant degradation products have shown signs of a cutaneous allergic response after implantation of a metal orthopedic replacement, loosening and failure of the joints as well as skin rashes, general fatigue, pain, and impaired wounds and bone healing. The prevalence of contact skin sensitivity in patients with a joint replacement device is higher than that in the general population. This delayed hypersensitivity to metallic orthopedic implants is more clearly defined and is a contributing factor to implant failure. Nickel was associated with hypersensitivity responses as the first cause in metallic orthopedic implants as early as 1966 by Foussereau and Laugieru and is a commonly used metal in alloys because it grants necessary strength and durability to the implant. Herein we report on delayed hypersensitivity to nickel sulfate in a patient with pain, fatigue, and contact allergic dermatitis in both inguinal regions, with instability of the left acetabular part and with five hip replacements from 1987 to 2013. The findings of this report support that primary sensitization to a metal due to an implant itself might develop. Proper investigation in patients with history or prior hypersensitivity reactions to metals and test evaluation before orthopedic device implantation is needed.  before orthopedic device implantation is needed.


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hypersensitivity, metallic orthopedic implants

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