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The Importance of Centres for Gerontology of County Institutes of Public Health and Gerontology Centres in Croatia

Spomenka Tomek-Roksandić
Goran Perko
Diana Mihok
Ana Puljak
Hrvoje Radašević
Josip Čulig
Mate Ljubičić

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str. 177-193

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Monitoring of identifi ed and evaluated health
care needs of the elderly is becoming a priority public health
measure, as an indicator of progress or failure in health care
of the population at large. Therefore, the implementation of
the Register of Identifi ed and Evaluated Health Care Needs of
the Elderly is ensured by the respective Centre for Gerontology
of the Institute of Public Health. The objective is to design
appropriate standards, the Programme of Medical Procedures
and Measures, and primary, secondary and tertiary prevention
in elderly health care. As every fi fth elderly person in Croatia
requires social-medical care, sixty-eight percent of health care
needs of the elderly are managed at outpatient gerontology
centres in local communities. Centres for Gerontology of the
Institute of Public Health and regional gerontology centres will
reduce a difference between identifi ed and covered health
care needs of the elderly. This, however, requires continuing
undergraduate and postgraduate education in gerontology and
geriatrics for the variety of professionals engaged in elderly
health care, especially as a public health subspecialty

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the elderly, Centres for Gerontology, gerontology centres, active productive aging, education in gerontology and geriatrics, Programme of Medical Measures and Procedures in Elderly Health Care, Programme of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Prevention f

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