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A Short History of Femininity in American Science Fiction

Aynur Kaso ; Универзитет „Св. Кирил и Методиј“ во Скопје

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This paper aims to propose an interpretation of femininity in American science fiction. Following a chronological layout, I endeavour to generate a timeline of model works which are considered essential for the development of the genre. Initially I develop my own definition of science fiction and signify its place in the literary history. Moreover, I point out the most significant works which put the issue of femininity in question. It is inevitable to compare male and female writers’ approach on this topic; therefore, I will provide a short observation on whether the writer’s gender influences the work’s tone. By referring to feminist literary theory, first I will try to define the traditional notion of femininity and will try to diverge from it. Postmodernist and poststructuralist thoughts are used as a theoretical basis in order to carry out a literary analysis of the other, the alien, and the cyborg in science fiction works and their resemblance to women’s position in a patriarchal world. Finally, I attempt to predict the development of this topic in the future.

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gender; science fiction; femininity; literary theory; gender

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