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Effects of Competitive Level and Gender on Anthropometric Profile and Physiological Attributes in Kickboxers

Maamer Slimani ; Department of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Sciences of Bizerte, Tunisia
Bianca Miarka ; Physical Education School, Federal University of Pelotas, Brazil
Foued Chéour ; High Institute of Applied Biology of Médenine, Tunisia

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The aim of the study was to compare kickboxing competitive levels and genders in anthropometric, physical and
physiological attributes. The sample was composed of four groups (subelite: 6 men and 4 women; amateur: 10 men and 8
women). Anthropometric measurements, 20-meter Shuttle Run aerobic test, Countermovement Jump (CMJ), Medicine
Ball Throw (MBT), Bench Press and Back Squat Maximal Strength and Wingate-test for upper (UB) and lower-body
(LB) before were used. We found that the subelite male and female kickboxers achieved significantly higher UB (male:
subelite = 6.1±0.6 and 7.6±0.8 vs. 5.2±0.7 and 6.5±0.9–1, respectively; female: subelite = 4.8±0.6 and 5.9±0.8 vs.
amateur = 3.7±0.8 and 4.1±1.1–1, respectively), LB mean and peak power (male: subelite = 8.5±0.9 and 10.9±0.9 vs.
7.1±1.1 and 9.3±1.2–1, respectively; female: subelite = 6.5±0.8 and 8.6±1.1 vs. amateur = 5.3±0.9 and 6.7±1.4–1,
respectively). MBT (male: subelite = 4.6±0.3 vs. amateur = 4.1±0.4 m; female: subelite = 3.9±0.4 vs. amateur = 3.2±0.5 m)
and maximal oxygen uptake (male: subelite = 54.6±4.3 vs. amateur = 49.1±4.6 ml.min––1; female: subelite = 47.6±3.2
vs. amateur = 42.2±3.8 ml.min––1) than amateur kickboxers. The effects demonstrated significant difference between
male and female amateur kickboxers for anthropometric, physical and physiological performance (P<0.05) and a sexual
dimorphism when compared the female subelite level with male groups. The performance of male and female kickboxers
primarily depends on the anaerobic alactic and aerobic power.

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sex characteristics, body composition, anaerobic power, muscle strength, physical endurance, kickboxing

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