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Neonatal hearing screening program in General hospital Pula (2011.-2015.)

Mladen Jašić
Željana Jotanović
Mirna Milevoj Ražem
Borut Marn
Sibil Benčić

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Neonatal hearing screening program (NHSP) started in Croatia at the beginning of year 2002 (University
hospital „Sv Duh“, Zagreb), and by the end of year 2002 it was implemented in almost all maternity units
in Croatia. From the year 2006 the NHSP is mandatory and there is a specific health legislation.
In General hospital Pula, the NHSP is performed before the time of discharge home, using A-OAE method.
Those who are positive on hearing impairment (HI), are checked again using the same method 3-4 weeks after
the discharge. Those who are positive again are checked using A-ABR method and if they are positive twice, they
are sent to the University hospital for a specific audiologic evaluation.
The aim of this study is describe the outcome of NHSP in General hospital Pula (Pula, Croatia) in a five-year
period (2011.-2015.). In the above mentioned period, there were 6799 live births and NHSP was performed in
6535 neonates (96,12%). Thirty-two children were positive on HI (Two A-OAE checkings plus two A-ABR checkings)
and were sent to the University hospital for audiologic evaluation. HI was diagnosed in 12 children; four of
them had unilateral HI and eight of them had billateral HI. The incidence of HI in our population is 0,18%.

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neonatal, hearing screening

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