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Access to children with development damages and persons with disabilities for tooth repair in general anesthesia

Iva Ivkić
Lara Sabatti
Brankica Špada

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In search of clear information for the proper provision of health services, the problem of most parents
of children with developmental disabilities and people with disabilities is that they are left alone. One of the
major problems is that dental practitioners themselves are not sufficiently educated to work with children with
disabilities and people with disabilities. Although it is said that 80% of such patients are being treated by a specialist
in pedodontics, the question arises as to how exactly we have such specialists in the Republic of Croatia.
The problem originally stems from dental healthcare while hospitals are facing the need for health care staff and
lack of access to children with disabilities and people with disabilities. Sometimes the procedure is waiting for
a month and it is inadmissible, especially if the child has a toothache. Parents should point to the importance
of performing oral cavity hygiene to prevent the development of tooth and mouth cavities. Upon receipt of the
hospital department, a severance record is taken of great importance, which greatly facilitates an insight into the
opportunities and needs of children with disabilities and persons with disabilities. When it comes to reception,
it is important to establish a relationship of trust with the parent who will promptly point to the difficulties of
communication or new condition (convulsions, postoperative pain). It is certainly necessary to provide a parent
(guardian) with a developing child or a disabled person before and after a wake-up call to reduce the feeling of

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tooth repair, general anesthesia

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