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Narodna Tehnika Hrvatske – The Croatian Association Of Technical Culture, 70 Years of “Technical Versatility and Massive Outreach” Among the Youth

Marijana Jukić

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The paper was inspired by the anniversary of the founding of Narodna tehnika Hrvatske (NTH), an association which had multiple roles in technical education of Croatian citizens in the second half of 20th century. Acting as a parent association of different organizations, it was focused on unifying and collaborating with different member organizations in pursuing shared goals and creating different activities: courses, lectures, exhibitions, festivals, competitions, and other entertaining, cultural and educational, and sport activities aimed primarily at young people. It was renamed to the Croatian Association of Technical Culture (CATC), and today, as an association gathering valuable resources, projects and programs of its member organizations, it features a wide array of various activities: competitions, lectures, and workshops, and continues the development of skills required to successfully navigate the technical environment, encouraging youth’s technical skills and contributing to the advancement of Croatian society. With that in mind, this paper will discuss origins, organizational development and structure of NTH, main aspects of its work and activities, and achievements it had accomplished thanks to its numerous collaborations with member organizations, various educational and cultural institutions in Croatia.

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Narodna tehnika Hrvatske, technical culture, education, youth, clubs, Croatian Association of Technical Culture

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