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Simulation study on the solute elements micro-segregation at solid-liquid interface of continuous casting steel slab

L. H. Feng ; Northeastern University School of Metallurgy, China
M. Y. Zhu ; Northeastern University School of Metallurgy, China
X. B. Kang ; Hot Continuous Strip Mill Plant of Ansteel Company Limited, Anshan, China
L. Luo ; School of Materials &Metallurgy, University of Science and Technology Liaoning, China

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Based on the Fick second law and the law of conservation of mass, one-dimensional mathematical model on microsegregation with dendritic crytals growing during the solidification of liquid steel was established. The effects of solute elements on the interdendritic segregation, zero strength temperature, and zero ductility temperature of the steel were discussed with the model used, in which the transition of ferritic/austenitic solidification was considered. The results show that carbon content has a great influence on interdendritic segregation at the solidifying front. Zero ductility temperature decreases with the content of manganese and phosphorus increasing. In order to avoid the cracks, the content of manganese and phosphorus should be controlled in production.

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continuous casting, mathematical model, micro-segregation, zero strength temperature, zero ductility temperature

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