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Review of the Đuro Tadić monograph “Steelworks Sisak, company of steel and lifetime”, Sisak, 2017

I. Mamuzić orcid id ; Hrvatsko metalurško društvo, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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In the period after 1945 until 1990 Croatia had several metallurgical companies and acceptable production. In ex-Yugoslavia Craotia was the only manufacturer of seamless pipes among 34 countries in the world Steelwork Sisak, with an annual production of about 140.000 t. It was an important manufacturer of welded pipes of over 200.000 t per year, strip and billets till 250.000 t/y, in addition to cold processing (drawing, pilgering) about 10.000 t per year. Steel production (2 Siemens – Martin furnaces) and 1 electric furnace together with 2 high furnaces (of 150 m3 production till 200.000 t/y was about 360.000 t per year, and up to 850.000 t coke per year were produced in Koksara / Coke Plant Bakar. (Note: Per year in 1990 until 2014 this plants were form down and put out operation). In monograph Đ. Tadić “Steeworks Sisak, Company of steel and lifetime “, gave the period (quote) “lifetime one Company in developing“ 1956 – 1989 y. Contents are from published selected Articles from Journal of Steel work Sisak “ Vjesnik Željezare“.

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