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G. Jukić
V. Guberac
Sonja Marić
D. Dunković

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During the two vegetation years (2004 and 2005) an examination was conducted on influence of three early breeds of soybean (Dubravka 0, Marija 00 and Danica 000) belonging to different groups of ripening in terms of level of crop yield and cost effectiveness. The tests were undertaken by split-plot scheme on the crop fields originated from Institution for seed and seedlings Osijek, Kutjevo d.d. and PPK Nova Gradiška using standardized agro measures valid for soybean in The Republic of Croatia.
The difference between increase of the number of inhabitants and decrease in the crop fields area has risen significantly. Soybean, because of its high percentage of proteins (35-50%) and oil (18-24%), slightly for sure overtakes the first position in agricultural production and nutrition of mankind. Soybean is becoming more and more interesting to producers worldwide because of its rich seeding capability. Taking into account the agricultural measures used the analysis and comparison of production effectiveness between each breed of soybean in Croatian on the area more than three ha are presented in tables and graphs. In this way the best breed can be ultimately determined for domestic farm production.

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soybean, varieties, localities, cost effectiveness and yield

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