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'Root-based' (etymologicai) and ' morfphonological ' orthographies are not, nor can they be, synonymous

Stjepan Babić

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During its history, Standard Croaiian prcdominantly used two orthographic principlcs: 'root-
based' (etymologica]) and phonetic. As linguistic science developed, notably phonology and morphonology,
these two principles were simply renamed as morphonological and phonological. The
author argues that the terms phonetic and phonological can be equalized, whcreas ' root-based ' and
morphonological cannot, for thc reason that ' root-bascd ' is conceptually linked to ' root' - a linguistically
rather vague term - with littlc regard whcther or is dealing with a morpheme or not.
Croatian ' root-based' orthography is diachronically detcrmined which makes the term 'historical
orthography ' preferable. ' Morphonological orthography' is strictly synchronically determined, adhering
to the base morpheme in morphology and word formation.

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