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The Usage of Black Humor in Psychotherapy

Vesna Lecher-Švarc ; Specijalistička psihijatrijska ordinacija dr. Vesna Lecher-Švarc, Zaprešić, Croatia

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In this paper the authors describe, discuss, comment and analyze the relationship between humor and suicide. Humors are in the context of suicidal and other depressive events a controversial and at the first site an inappropriate theme. But, it can be seen in many ways in the sphere of so called black humor. Black humor is the main type of humor used in suicidal themes. There are thousands of caricatures and jokes that can be found on that motive, and consecutively can be used in psychotherapy. The psychotherapeutic value of humor lies in the fact that humor as well as laughter and sleep can represent normal autoplastic adaptation. But black humor is not a source of aesthetic experience. The identification of the humor consumer with the caricaturist or the author of the joke is of basic importance and has therapeutic value.

Looking at suicidal caricatures and listening to black humor jokes it can produce aversive feelings in potential suicidal person and clarified him the attitude of other people toward his eventual act. So, humor can prevent auto-destructive attentions. Although the paradoxical intention is forbidden it is effective with a wide range of neurotic symptoms (so often in suicidal personalities), and other types of problems, but it is really dangerous when used in the treatment of endogenous depression.

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humor, suicide, caricatures, wit and humor, psychotherapy

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