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Styles of Coping with Stress in Adolescents: Questionnaire Construction and Validation


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The main objective of this paper was to construct and validate a
questionnaire for styles of coping with stressful situations for
adolescents, by using the deductive approach. As a theoretical
starting point the authors used previously well elaborated styles of
coping on adult examinees, the problem – targeted coping, and
the emotions – targeted coping and coping by evasion. The
questionnaire for coping styles for adolescents was constructed by
a compilation of items from several existing questionnaires and
then applied on a sample of 265 examinees from ages 11 to
14. The final form of the questionnaire comprises 55 items, and
they are saturated by three theoretically predictable factors, i.e.
coping by evasion, emotions and problem – targeted coping.
These factors have low positive mutual correlations, and their
reliabilities of internal consistency are relatively high. In order to
examine the validity of the obtained measures of coping, their
correlations with character traits, stressful life events, perceived
social support and school success at the end of the current school
year were calculated. The results obtained are partly different in
girls and boys. However, they basically indicate a satisfactory
validity of the three coping dimensions obtained in research.

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