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Half a Century of Croatian Politics (1895-1945) in the correspondence between Dominic Mandic and Jere Jareb

Marina Beus ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Mostaru, Mostar, BiH

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str. 287-304

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Preparing the publication of Jareb's book titled Half a Century of Croatian Politics (1895-1945) - on the Occasion of Macek's autobiography, which was based on the synthesis and the elaboration of the same work published in three parts in Hrvatska revija (Croatian Review), the author, as he emphasized in the book's preface, trying to depict this turbulent period of Croatian history as objectively as possible, asked several people for a more critical opinion, among whom the historian Fr. Dominik Mandic. There were four letters in the saved correspondence, which testified about the polemics between the two historians, especially regarding the Yugoslav national and state idea, and the position of the Catholic Movement and the Croatian People's Party on this issue. Although Mandic's critical review appeared with a relatively satisfactory time distance when it comes to a historical analysis of disputable issues, especially given the HPS situation, which disappeared from the political scene in 1929, or the beginning of the Croatian Catholic Movement. However, it can be concluded from Jareb's presented counterarguments that he recognized in Mandic's review a dose of non-objectivism when it comes to defending former political orientations.

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Dominik Mandic; Jere Jareb; Yugoslavism; Croatian politics; Croatian People's Party; Croatian Catholic movement

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