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Oncolytic Viruses

Ines Poljak ; Zdravstveno veleučilište, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Petra Korać orcid id ; Zavod za molekularnu biologiju, Biološki odsjek, Prirodoslovno-matematički fakultet, Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Malignant tumors are the most common cause of mortality in humans. Accumulation of mutation in cells causes uncontrolled cell division as well as prevention of their programmed cell death, leading to neoplastic changes. Tumor mass which avoids the immune response of the host, grows and spreads. Modern approach to malignant tumor therapy, which is still in the research stage, is based on the use of genetically modified bacteria and/or viruses. They are used for promotion of the chemotactic effect or production of the receptors that will be recognized by the immune system of the host and in this way stimulate the effector part of the body’s defense system to destroy the tumor mass. This paper summarizes the most recent methods in the field.

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genetic engineering, oncolytic viruses, malignant tumor

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