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Biochemical Studies in Tobacco Plants. III. Synthesis and Behaviour of Potential Metabolites of D-B-Methionine in Nicotiana rustica

B. Ladešić ; Tracer Laboratory, Institute »Ruder Boskovic«, Zagreb, Croatia, Yugoslavia
D. Keglević ; Tracer Laboratory, Institute »Ruder Boskovic«, Zagreb, Croatia, Yugoslavia

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str. 155-160

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In order to check whether ~ -keto -y-m ethylthiobutyric acid (IV)
was formed in Nicotiana rustica after administration of D-B-methionine-
methyl-14C, the Ba salt of IV was synthesized from S -methylthioacetyl
malonate (I) as the starting compound. A comparison
of IV and its decomposition products with the radioactive spots
isolated from the plant material shows that the oxidative deamination
of D-B-methionine is not a likely metabolic pathway.
For the same reason N-acetyl-DL-B-methionine (V) and its sulphoxide
VI were synthesized; comparison with plant material
excluded also the N-acetylation of D-~-methionine as the metabolic
route. 2,4-Dinitrophenyl-DL-, L- and D-~-methionine (VII) and the
corresponding DL-sulphoxide VIII proved to be valuable derivatives
for the characterization of B-methionine.

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