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An Investigation of the System: Ferric Chloride-Hydrochloric Acid-Water-Isopropyl Ether

D. Maljković ; Department of Physical Chemistry, Institute »Ruder Boskovic«, Zagreb
M. Branica ; Technological Faculty, University of Z agreb, Sisak, Croatia, Yugoslavia

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An experimental investigation of the heterogeneous system:
ferric chloride-water-hydrochloric acid-isopropyl ether a t 20°c is
reported. The change in volumes of the phases as a function of the
quantity of each of the added components is determined. The
equilibrium composition of the phases of the four-component system
at various initial concentrations of hydrochloric acid and ferric
chloride is analytically d etermined. From the results, orthogonal
projections of the points representing the composition of the phases
in a tetrahedral model are drawn. The results of the analyses and
transient conditions from two-phase to three-phase systems (and
vice versa) are discussed.

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