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Proton Magnetic Resonance in Tincalconite

B. Belina ; Institute »Ruder Boskovic«, Zagreb, Croatia, Yugoslavia
Z. Veksli ; Institute »Ruder Boskovic«, Zagreb, Croatia, Yugoslavia

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From the 1proton magnetic resonance spectra of tincalconite
r ecorded between -1530C and + aooc OH - groups and water molecules
were estabHshed. By dehydration at aaoc over P 2 0 5 in
vacuum tincalconite loses three water molecules per formula unit
with an amoophous rest. The proton resonance line-shape of this
dehydration product corresponds to the OH-groups spectrum.
The comparison of the experimental curve at low temperature
with theoretical ones for two different ratios OH:H20 suggests
Na2[B 405(0H)4] · 3H20 as the correct formula for tincalconite. The
nature of the motion of the water molecules is discussed.

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