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Electrical Conductiviti of Semiconducting Na2Te

Z . Ogorelec ; Institute »Ruder Boškovic«, Zagreb, Croatia, Yugoslavia

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A n ew method for the preparation of the semiconducting
compound Na2Te as well as electrical conductance measurements
in the ,system Na-Te 1is described . The composition of the samples
nearly corresponded to Na2Te, but with a small excess of tellurium.
The conductance of each sample was measured three times. Between
consecutive measurements the excess quantity of tellurium was
gradually reduced by evaporation of the liquid phase, until the
remaining sample had the exact composition Na2Te. All measurements
were carried out betwee n room temperature and 62QOC. The
experimental curves were fitted mathematically. The most plausible
explanation of conductance variation with temperature appears
to be the following. The samples exhibit mixed ionic conduction
of Na2Te 2 a nd Na2Te6, and intrinsic electronic c01I1duction of
Na2Te. Caracterist ic activation energies for ionic conduction were
calculated. For Na2Te the energy gap E g = 2.3 eV.

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