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Concept of Discrete Charges in the Theory of Eledrokinetic Phenomena

M. Mirnik ; Institute »Ruder Boskovic, Zagreb and Laboratory of Physical Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, Zagreb; Croatia, Yugoslavia

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A structure of the electric double layer, based on the
concept of discrete ion charges fixed on the surface of the solid
in the system »ionic crystal - liquid«, is given. Applying elementary
principles of (electro) chemical thermodynamics, electrostatics
of elementary particles and the principle of electroneutrality of
the systems, and considering the fact that water molecules are
dipoles, an equation relating electrokinetic tension with counter
ion concentration wa:s deduced. Some available experimental
results· on electrokinetic phenomena of AgI were interpreted in the
light of the present theory and were shown to confirm it quantitatively
in the limits of experimental errors. For other existing
theories of the electric double layer similar results were not yet
shown to confirm them.
The theoretically requested linear Schulze-Hardy rule with
the same proportionality constant which was shown up to now
to be valid in coagulation and counter ion exchange and
adsorption was shown to be valid in electrokinetics too.
The obtained definition of the discrete (fixed) charges
tension given by the formula:
i'lcp = !lOcp + z i'l1cp + (RT/F) ln(aMIX)
is different from the tension defined by the Nernst formula:
'I' = '!Jo + (RT/nF) ln(aolaR)

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