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The Electrode Kinetics of the Deposition and Dissoltition of MefMe2+ Electrodes

M. M. Paunović ; Faculty of Technology, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia, Yugoslavia

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It is shown that. Vetter's equation for two successive transfer
reactions applied to the elucidation of the electrode kinetics of
the deposition and dissolution of Me / Me 2+ electrodes yields a new
interpretation of the intersections of Tafel lines for large anodic
and large cathodic overvoltages with log i coordinates (i 0 °, i,°).
Vetter's equation, when applied to the kinetics of Me/ Me"•
electrodes gives an explanation for the occurence of two slopes in
the anodic region, 2RT/3 F and 2RTIF , and of the same slope for
large anodic and large cathodic overvoltages, 2 RT/ F, for Fe/ Fe'•
elec trode in Ac- and No3- solution, and for the Cu/ Cu2+ electrode
in sol- solution, as well as for changes of i0 with acu2+ for the
Cu/ Cu2+ electrode.
Further application of this approach to electrochemical kinetics
of Me/ Me 2+ electrodes is suggested.

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