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Application of Microdiffusion Methods for the Determination of Carbon Dioxide in Solid Carbonates

H. Furedi ; Department of Physical Chemistry, Institute »Ruder Boskovic «, Zagreb, Croatia, Yugoslavia

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A new absorption device is recommended as a modification of
the Cavett apparatus. Its application for the determination of
carbon dioxide in solid carbonates is discussed. Barium carbonate
has been used as a test substance. Determinations of carbon dioxide
were carried out by decomposing the samples with hydrochlor ic
acid, absorbing the evolved gas in bc:rium hydroxide solution and
re-titrating the excess alkali with standard hydrochloric a cid
solution to a thymolblue end-point. Carbon dioxide has been determined
in the range of 0.3-3 mg. with relative standard errors of
18-2Q/o, respectively. Estimations have been made with quantities
of carbon dioxide as low as 70 μg. The results of carbon dioxide
determinations in a precipitate of the system uranyl nitrate -
barium chloride - natrium carbonate - water are shown.

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