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Magnetic Susceptibilities of Some Square Four-Covalent and Tetragonal Six-Covalent Complexes of Divalent Copper

C. Djordjević ; Department of Structurai an<Z I nor ganic Chemistry, I nstitute »Ruder Bos k ovic«, Zagreb, Croatia, Yugoslavia

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Measurements of the magnetic susceptibility of some tetra-
coordinated square planar cupr ic compounds of the type
[Cu (NH3)4]X2, X =N03-, N02-, CNS-, S04= and hexa-coordinated
complexes of the type 1[Cu(NH3) 6]X2, X = c1-, Br-, I-, have been
carried out at room temper ature. The complexes Cu(AcAc)2 and
Cu(AcAc)2 2NH3 have also been examined.
It has been found that there is no significant difference in
t he orbit al con tribution between the planar tetra-coordinated and
t etragonal hexa-coordinated compounds. The values of the magnetic
moments at room temperature are of t he order of 1.80 and 1.96
B. M., r egardless of the stereochemical ar rangement of the investigated

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