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Preliminary results of archaeological research in Batina in 2017

Tomislav Hršak orcid id ; Muzej Slavonije Osijek, Arheološki odjel, Osijek, Hrvatska
Tino Leleković ; Odsjek za arheologiju, Hrvatska akademija znanosti i umjetnosti, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Marko Dizdar orcid id ; Institut za arheologiju, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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As part of the project Archaeological Heritage of Baranya, an excavation of the Batina – Sredno site has been carried out. Previously conducted research has provided valuable data on the life of a prosperous community from the Late Bronze to the Early Iron Age, and has brought new insights into the life of inhabitants of the Ad Militare fort located on the Danube limes. The aim of the research, undertaken in the northeastern part of the Sredno site, was to compare the results of geomagnetic research conducted in 2016 with the actual situation of the site. The results of geomagnetic research have accurately located all the objects found in the investigated trenches, though in some cases the interpretation differed from those actually found, indicating that it is not possible to interpret the results of non-destructive research methods without taking archaeological excavations. In addition to the discovery of eight Roman cremation and inhumation burials from the time of Severi, the discovery of a large prehistoric object is particularly important, which is also recognized during the geomagnetic survey, whose future excavation will show if it is a remain of an older or younger prehistoric settlement in relation to the cemetery of the Dalj group. Burials of fallen soldiers from the time of the Battle of Batina in World War II were also found which also show that the strategic importance of Batina was recognized in later times and that it remains until present.

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Batina; Baranya; Dalj group; settlement; Roman Period; cemetery; limes; World War II

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