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Research results of the La Tène culture cemetery at Zvonimirovo – Veliko polje in 2017

Marko Dizdar orcid id ; Institut za arheologiju, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Rescue excavation at Zvonimirovo – Veliko polje site in 2017 was undertaken at the central part of an elevation where two cremation graves were found belonging to the La Tène culture (LT 116 – LT 117). What particularly stands out is a large grave pit for double burial LT 116 (Fig. 1) with bend sword in scabbard and spear accompanied by iron fibulae and belt set composed of buckle and rings (Fig. 2). In the central part of the grave pit was a bowl, while in the south-eastern corner a heap of cremation bones with iron chain belt and bronze and iron fibulae with two knobs (Fig. 3) was revealed. Another burial LT 117 was completely destroyed by deep ploughing and only the bottom of a grave pit with heap of cremation bones and fragments of ceramic vessel have been preserved. Both graves date back to LT C2, that is, Mokronog IIb phase.

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Zvonimirovo; cemetery; Drava valley; La Tène culture; double burial; weaponry; costume

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