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Beylerbey of Bosnia and Sancakbey of Herzegovina in the Diplomacy of the Dubrovnik Republic

Vesna Miović

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The Bosnian beylerbeys and Herzegovinian sancakbeys were high officials of the Ottoman state posted in the immediate vicinity of Dubrovnik. These Turkish administrators played a most significant and complex role in the Ragusan diplomatic affairs with the Porte. However, an elaborate hierarchy of the Ottoman administration allowed these provincial governors to act rather independently, which may or may not have proved satisfactory to the Ragusans. Dubrovnik’s relations with the Ottoman representatives in Bosnia relied largely on gifts, money and favours, but primarily on the ability to find a personal approach in each matter.

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Dubrovnik; Ottoman Empire; Bosnia; diplomacy; Bosnian beylerbey; Herzegovinian sancakbey

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