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Stjepan Gradić on Galileo’ Paradox of the Bowl

Ivica Martinović

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In his treatise De loco Galilaei quo punctum lineae aequale pronuntiat (Amsterdam, 1680), written in 1661, Gradić presented a study and evaluation of Galileo’s paradox of the bowl. He accomplished the following: (1) he implicitly disputed the concept of the indivisible; (2) he introduced a new procedure which he designated as uniformis processio and contributed to the understanding of the limit in comparison with Galileo’s viewpoints; (3) he researched Luca Valerio’s proof for the measurement of volume with a curved limit; and (4) he developed a series of topological ideas including a rigorous mathe-matical description of inscribed denticulated forms. As Gradić’s professor Bonaventura Cavalieri and Gradić’s correspondent Honor Fabri used the method of indivisibles in their interpretations of Galileo’s paradox, they had no influence upon Gradić when he chose his original approach to the problem of the limit of geometrical quantity.

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Dubrovnik; 17th C.; Galileo; Stjepan Gradić; mathematics; geometry; paradox of the bowl

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