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Marulić's connection with italian culture

Mirko Tomasović

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The author introduces the subject of the connection Marulic had with the Italian culture. He explains the origins of such connection, analyses the varieties and the characteristics. He also remarks on the fecundity of the contacts Marulic had with Italy, all in the context of the humanistic and renaissance period. He tries to follow the traces of the poetical premisses of the Italian writers to be found in the works of Marulic. On the basis of such discoveries he builds the hypothesis of Marulic’s overcoming the mediaeval taste as well as literary art forms.
He deals especially with the stay of this author in Padua in the period between the fall of 15*h and the beginning of 16th century; the stay having resulted in Marulic adopting the antique traditions during this schooling period. He points out the associations on and apostrophising
of Italy in the works of Marulid (poems, epistles and treatises). He brings to light his poetical translations of the classics such as Dante and Petrarça. Marulid’s Latin transposition of the first canto of Comedia Divina reveals the humanistic period traditions, while the transposition of Petrarca’s canzone Vergine Bella shows the near relation to the original
Marian lyric poetry. The writer deals with the influence of Petrarca
which is visible in Marulic’s epic and lyric works, pointing out the phenomena of adapting gallant topics for the spiritual purpose.
The writer opens the discussion on the fact that Marulic’s opus in Latin was mostly printed, and partly translated, in Italy, thus marking the new direction for the comparatist research works: the happenings of Marulic’s life in Italy.

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