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Ivo Pranjković

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This work presents some relatively extensive account and review of one of the oldest grammars in Croatian or Serbian language. The speech is about A New Slavonic and German Grammar by Matija Antun Relkovic printed in Zagreb for the first time in 1767. Special attention has been drawn to those parts of the description which are specific for Relkovic for some reason or other. Some characteristics have been considered (e. g. graphic solutions, the description of ani- mate/inanimate category, the description of noun morphology and the use of nouns, the advantage of contrastive description and the like) and deficiencies of the applied description (influence of German and Latin languages, terminological awkwardness and poverty, inadequate conception of the dictionary, insufficient linguistic knowledge of the author and the like). This grammar has been compared with other older grammar books, especially with the first Croatian grammar by Bartol KaSic.

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