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During 1943 Frano Alfirevic made a gift of his nine poems to his friend Vinlco Vilic, a physician in Zagreb and later in Rijeka. Vilic kept the manuscript of the poems and before his death gave it to the author of this discussion. The titles of these poems are: Memories of Dubrovnik, To Dalmatia, Prayer for the Beauty of Waters, To Mother, Women in Mourning, Longing for Escape, Love, A Piece of Bread in the Pocket of a Man who Committed Suicide, God. In the poems Alfirevic
is a poet of melancholic, twilight moods, full of Mediterranean nostalgia of the sea and Dalmatia, of sympathy for women in mourning, sadness for his mother, meditation about God and the days when everything looked fragile, broken and unstable. The themes of these poems are not new in Alfirevic’s creative work; the verses, written in known technique, are the confirmation of his originality and talent to feel, in the turbulence of war, the yearnign for beauty and to express trust in people and deep, sincere compassion with their sufferings.

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