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Jesenka Haramina

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The essay deals with the problem of the »point of view« as central to the composition of the novel »The Shared Bath« by Ranko Marin- kovic. It examines the relation of the narrator to the narrative, the narratee, as well as the relation of the narrator’s experienced (felt) »1« and the narrating »1«. The »time of the narrative« and the »narrated time« are further discussed. All this is being ezamined both on the macrostructural and the microstructural level of the novel.
On the level of the communicated situation, the narrator is a character
that doesn’t take part in the plot but is only an observer. Thus he plays a minor role in the succession of events, but not in its cause. Thus a second narrative position is created (the judge) by means of the main narrative position (if we presently switch to the communication
level) there the narrator is evidently active; he communicates all information.
In the real world of the novel, the time of the narrative is close to the narrated time, and the judge, Jacobson and the »writer« are the only characters »in praesentia«. In the fictitions world both time and space expand. Consequently, there are characters »in absentia« who exist on various levels within the fictitions world.
In the last chapter the narrator reveals his narrative device, the novel ends although it has just begun, in a manner of speaking.

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