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Jurica Pavičić

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Ante Cettineo, a poet from Split (1898—1956), is underestimated in Croatian
literary history. The reasons are political, but also poetical: in his seven books of poetry there are many anthological, but much more unsuccesful verses, that explains the author’s lack of criticism. Cettineo’s
poetry is linked with fin-du siècle aestheticism as much as with mediterranianism, his private mithology which includes the interest for anthiquity, Catholicism, Spanish and Hispanic culture. Among his favorite
topics we can find: countrayside, prayers, everyday life of peasant
and fisherman, Roman tradition of Dalmatia etc.., He was also writing a poetry for children and poetry on Chakavian dialect. Cettineo’s versification is changable: in the beginning he was under the influence of classic verse, but most of his poetry is written in different types of verse-libre, frequently in biblical verse. Cettineo’s metaphor is important for the Croatian literary history: during the thirties he experimented
with hermetism under Italian influence (Quasimodo, Montale),
almost a decade before other Croatian poets. He was translating and accepting also Spanish (generation ’27) and Portugese poetry (Pessoa and Brasilians).
The text also refers to reception of Cettineo by Croatian and Serbian criticism.

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