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Systemic Processes in Families of Adolescent Addicts

Petar Nastasić orcid id ; ECPD University for Peace and Development, Belgrade

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Experimenting with drugs in the period of adolescence is today spread world widely. The linear, single-factor, or the deterministic method offer explanations of the nascence of the abuse of psychoactive substances (PAS) that include the effects of these factors: biological processes, inter-psychological processes or various characteristics of the very children, their parents, peer groups or the social environment. This method is therefore largely substituted with circular, interactive – multisystem models. The use and abuse of PAS usually appears as an essential part of the wider picture of life conditions and circumstances, therefore a systematic conceptualization of the issue and its therapeutic solution is indeed called for. Working on this issue, we are considering systematic characteristics of the family of adolescent addict, analyzing their influences on the process development of the treatment in general, and pointing out the implementation of family therapy.

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Dependence on psychoactive substances in adolescence, systemic characteristics of the adolescent addict’s family, the model of social interactionism, family therapy of adolescence addictions

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