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Empathy: Concepts, Theories and Neuroscientific Basis

Josip Bošnjaković ; Hrvatsko katoličko sveučilište
Tanja Radionov ; Counseling office St. Joseph

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str. 123-150

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Empathy is an important concept in contemporary psychology and neuroscience in which numerous authors are dedicated to research the phenomena. Most of them agree on the significance of empathy and its positive impact on interpersonal relationships, although certain negative aspects of empathy also exist. From psychological and biological point of view, empathy is an essential part of human survival and successful living in social groups. This paper introduces an overview of empathy, including history of concept starting with the notion of Einfühlung, as well as beginning of studying and defining empathy, contemporary approach, components of empathy and its evolutionary and neuroscience background, empathy measures, development of empathy through training, and finally, the other side of this generally positive concept regarding interpersonal relationships. We also gave notion to further research issues in this field.

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empathy, affective empathy, cognitive empathy, social-cognitive neuroscience, empathy measures, empathy training, selfish empathy

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