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Bone industry from the Vinča culture site of Jakovo–Kormadin

Vedrana Krištofić

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A large number of finds of bone industry ascribed to the Vinča
Culture were discovered in the non-systematic excavations carried
out at the Jakovo-Kormadin site at the beginning of the
20th century. The material presented in this paper is kept at the
Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, and includes 566 finds made
from various osseous raw materials.
The material was analysed technologically and typologically.
Special attention was given to the modes of raw-material acquisition,
as well as to the choice of material used in the production
of specific groups of finds. The artefact usage indicates various
activities that could have taken place within the settlement or
its immediate vicinity. Based on all available data, finds of bone
industry from Jakovo-Kormadin fit into the well-known framework
of the Vinča Culture, and add to current knowledge on this
segment of the economy within Neolithic communities.

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bone industry, Vinča Culture, Jakovo-Kormadin, technology, typology, raw-material management, tool usage

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