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The Book of the Amduat on Papyrus Zagreb E–605

Igor Uranić ; Arheološki muzej u Zagrebu

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str. 55-66

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The paper deals with an ancient Egyptian text from the
Archaeological Museum in Zagreb collection. It provides the hieroglyphic
text, with its transliteration and translation, of Papyrus
Zagreb E-605. The papyrus fragment contains hours 10–12 from the Amduat, dated to the 21st or 22nd Dynasty, during the Third Intermediate Period. The text describes renewal of life in the
natural cycle of the Sun at the end of the adventures of the joint
nocturnal journey of the god Re and a human soul.

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Amduat, Papyrus Zagreb E-605, Sun-boat, underworld, hidden chamber, iconography, Duat, image, soul, night hours

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