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An Early-Mediaeval winged spearhead from Fruška Gora

Aleksandar Sajdl orcid id

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Researchers have referred to the winged spearhead found on
the southern slopes of Fruška Gora for more than 50 years. This
paper fully describes and analyses this winged spearhead for the
first time. The author briefly discusses the possible places of the
spearhead’s origin, compares the spearhead with morphologically
and technologically similar artefacts found all over Europe and places it within relevant typological-chronological classifications.
Based on more or less close analogies, the Fruška Gora
spearhead is dated to between the middle of the 9th century and
the beginning of the 11th. The lack of archaeological context calls
for caution when it comes to dating and interpreting this artefact
and placing it in the course of known history.

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Syrmia, Fruška Gora, Grgurevci, Šuljam, early Middle Ages, winged spearheads

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