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Direct Demographic Losses (War Victims) of Croatia (1990-1998) Caused by the Greater Serbian Aggression and Some of Their Consequences

Dražen ŽIVIĆ

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Based on accessible sources and literature, the author
demonstrates and partly assesses in this article the direct
Croatian demographic losses during the Greater Serbian aggression. Analysed were: the temporal and spatial
framework of direct demographic sufferings in the period
between 1990 and 1998, then the number, i.e. structure of war
victims (Croatian defenders, civilians, the missing…) as well as
some consequences of the direct demographic losses for the
development of the Croatian state. The research assesses that
during the Greater Serbian aggression Croatia had approximately
20,091 direct demographic losses, i.e. direct war victims.
Out of that number 14,433 or 71.8% were Croatian defenders
and civilians who were killed or who died due to consequences
of war, 1,658 or 8.3% Croatian defenders and civilians who
went missing and about 4,000 or 19.9% were members of the
Serbian paramilitary and civilians who were killed or who died
on the former occupied territories. Croatia's direct demographic
losses are characterised by temporal and spatial selectiveness,
and a significant, mostly unfavourable impact on the natural
renewal and age-gender structure of the population of Croatia.

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