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Protection Coatings for the Underwater Part of Ship’s Hull

Renato Ivče ; University of Rijeka, Faculty of Maritime Studies Rijeka
Matej Grubiša orcid id ; University of Rijeka, Faculty of Maritime Studies Rijeka
Darijo Mišković orcid id ; University of Dubrovnik, Marine Department

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In this article authors present a general consideration of the underwater part of ship’s hull protection by protective coatings, paying particular attention to antifouling paints. Following the presentation of the importance of ship’s hull maintenance and protection in order to make navigation safer and to keep the ship in operation for as long as possible, a summary is made of the main types of antifouling products used throughout the history up to the present time. As far back as a thousand years BC, people had developed techniques to protect objects from falling into disrepair and understood the importance of preserving construction materials in order to prolong their useful life and value. Marine industry has been developing day by day and attention is increasingly focused on the safety of ships and crews, as well as on the protection of marine environment. Tin-free self-polishing copolymer (SPC) and foul release technologies are currently applied, in addition to many alternative solutions being suggested. Modern approaches to effective environment-friendly antifouling systems and their performance are highlighted.

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Ship’s hull protection, antifouling paints, safety of ships and crews, effective environmentfriendly antifouling coatings

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