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Psychological Status of Old People in the Homes for the Aged Evaluated by Means of SCL-90-R Scale


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The investigation included 230 clients of six homes for the
aged from Zagreb. The examinees were divided in two
groups: group A consisted of the elderly clients that were
situated in the homes for the aged for less than 6 months
(N=80), while group B consisted of the clients that spent there more than 3 years (N=150). The aim of the study was
to measure different aspects of psychological distress that
might be of importance for the prediction of the clients'
adjustment to the homes for the aged. The level of stress was
measured by means of the Derogatis' Symptom Checklist-90-
-R (SCL-90-R). The results of the study showed that: a. SCL-
-90-R scale is a valuable and accurate instrument for the
evaluation of stressfull events in the elderly population; b. the
level of distress of the examinees is shown to be sex and time
dependent. The differences in the adaptation of male and
female clients are defined by SCL-90-R dimensions:
paranoid ideation, psychoticism and positive symptom
distress index. It is concluded that SCL-90-R scale may be a
simple and reliable tool in evaluating stressful simptoms of
the elderly clients of homes for the aged.

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