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Nikola Polić is a representative of impressionist criticism during the period between the two world wars. This kind of criticism insisted on the theses put forward by A. G. Matoš,
who claimed that the critic ability, just like the artistic gift, is innate. A declared opponent
of the identification of the national and artistic criteria in the evaluation of a work of art, N. Polić, like his predecessors, notably Matoš, relied more on artistic intuition
than on rational analysis (as opposed to Nehajev, who sometimes showed a marked inclination towards analysis). Thus, relying primarily on his personal taste, and then on his admittedly modest “positive knowledge” of music, throughout the period under consideration,
N. Polić published his clear and concise writings on musical events in Zagreb and Sušak. Although he was impulsive and therefore not always consistent, it may be observed
that he showed a general tendency toward irony, even cynicism.

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