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Goran Krnić

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The study gives a comprehensive survey of ideas on Croatian humanism to date, especially
in Dalmatia, within the native, European context. First presenting the »standard controversy«: humanism as historic period vs. humanism as literary movement, the author
defines the nomenclature of the basic theoretic tenets of humanism. These are: the return to antiquity, historic awareness, new position of man in world, human freedom, objective observation and cognition of man, glory, morality, vita activa, devotion to philology and cosmopolitanism. Yet, the most important literary theory basis of humanism
is allegorism.
All these spiritually historic and theoretic ideas are at the same time the base for the work of Croatian humanists. Their lives and work, except for the »northerners« Ianus Pannonius and Matthias Flacius Illyricus, were bound to South-Croatian towns: Dubrovnik, Split, Trogir, Šibenik and Zadar. The author pays special attention to works left to us by Juraj Šižgorić (Georgius Sisgoreus), Marko Marulić (Marcus Marulus), Lu- dovik Crijević (Lodovicus Cerva), Ilija Crijević (Aelius Lampridius Cerva) and several other, at that time important Croatian authors. Having written in the three languages of their time (Croatian, Italian, Latin), they are all, namely, also distinguished by a significant
reception throughout Europe.

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