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Sociohistorical and Socioreligious Factors and the Genesis of Ecclesiastical Movements


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In the text the author discusses the historical-cultural
and socioreligious factors of the emergence of new
ecclesiastical movements. The phenomenon of the
(post)modern church-religious revival is situated into a
broader sociohistorical and socioreligious context The
radicalization and radicalism of secularization and
secularism of the contemporary world enhances in
principal new and unquenchable quests (for experiencing)
"something quite different". New ecclesiastical
(and religious) movements are merely the most radical
and obvious examples of such quests. It is a noted fact
that religion and religiosity, despite their numerous specific
traits, are not phenomena isolated from society, social
processes, cultural and civilizational achievements
of human history. However, in addition to the
aforementioned sensitivity to social, cultural, civilizational
and other factors in society, religion and religiosity indicate
a high degree of resilience to "outside" factors and
generators of change in society, becoming, more often
than not, a reaction to them. An example of ecclesiastical
movements as reaction to a radicalized secularity of the
world (secularization!) and even "neglect" of the
authentically religious dimensions in religious institutions,
as a process of antisecularization in the contemporary
world, is more than significant. Age-long questions of the
holistic sense of human existence cannot be passed over in
silence for long without serious consequences. New
ecclesiastical movements, which have after the Second
Vatican Council become more significantly present in the
Croatian Church, are putting none other than these
questions in the centre of their interest. Answers to the latter,
as well as the personal experience of faith, determine the
lives of their members.

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