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The Integrational Activities of Chaplains


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In the paper "Integrational Activities of Chaplains" the author
demonstrates the actual experience gained from chaplains'
activities in the Vukovar-Vinkovci as well as the Livanjska
battlegrounds until the year 1993. Namely, this is a matter of
situational evangelization: evangelization in a period of war
crisis when areas affected by war were abandoned by
civilians and only the military remained. In the context of this
newly created situation was the necessary and appropriate
evangelization of soldiers. Some Catholic priests acted on
self-initiative, others were organized in their pastoral
activities during the war, but not until 1996 was the
agreement between the Holy See and The Republic of Croatia concerning the spiritual guidance of Catholic
believers in the military and police force signed. The content
of the chaplains' activities is the spiritual care of soldiers, the
celebration of sacred sacraments and prayer with the
soldiers. Their work follows the well-known pastoral formula
– observe, judge and act – included in the method "being
together", while the criteria for the chaplains' work was taken
from the essential constituents of the Church itself: liturgy,
service, togetherness and testimony. This, in part actual
experience, indicates that the integrational activity of
chaplains contributed to the defence of the "vocation" of
man, who has his name, nation, culture, history, memory,
and to the defence of the community built in the Christian
way and finally to the defence of the country created in the
Croatian way.

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