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Portrait of the Catholic Association of Istria's Youth – Structure, Motives and Experience of Members


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In this paper the author portrays the Catholic Association of Istria's
Youth (KUMI) through an empirical research of sociodemographic
structure, motives for joining, experiences, attitudes towards
the Catholic Church and suggestions of its members. The
intent was to demonstrate the dynamics of the emergence and
development of the young believers' movement and the phenomenology
and identification of the youths' need for belonging to
a community. Not as something imposed by the existing
structures, but as an authentic impulse in every member who
sees in such a profiled community the possibility for satisfying
their spiritual and social needs. The theoretical and conceptual
framework of the research consists of psychological, sociological
and theological reviews of the thesis concerning the need for belonging
to a community: from Maslow's social motives, Tonnies'
analysis of the concepts of community and society to some biblical
images on togetherness. The primary goals of the research
were to present the sociodemographic profile of the members,
reveal their motivation for entering the Association and get an objective evaluation from the members of its past achievements.
In short, the main results of the research indicate that: (1) the
majority are women-members, students between 20 and 25
years of age; (2) most express satisfaction with past activities; (3)
clear motivation for active participation in a community of young
people within the Catholic Church; (4) state that one of its main
faults is insufficient free time spent together and (5) express a critical
attitude towards inadequate commitment of the official
Church in working with young people.

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