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It is a pleasure to be able to inform you that out journal Kinesiology has undergone a serious and a very strict assessment by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport of the Republic of Croatia and that according to all the applied bibliometric criteria it received high marks and consequently is ranked fifth on the scale of approximately forty Croatian journals in the field of social sciences. As a result of that a special committee has also assessed the journal according to certain criteria for the purpose of approving a research novice who will in the years to come be employed in administrative duties connected with the Editorial Board since these duties have already exceeded the capacities of people who work on a voluntary basis. Of all the social science journals that put in their application the journal Kinesiology was ranked first which made it possible to receive permission to employ a research novice, so that the Editorial Board will make a selection from the applicants and thereby obtain signifi cant help.
In this issue of the scientific journal Kinesiology we have published eight very interesting, scientific, applicable and very important articles. These articles cover on the one hand the areas of general kinesiology, whereas on the other they analyse some very important applied problems from the kinesiology of sport, especially wrestling, football, basketball and swimming. Out of the eight articles, seven are original scientific papers, and only one has been categorized as a preliminary communication.
Of the articles that deal with general kinesio-logical topics the article written by Pilianidis and associates should be emphasized. This article talks about the measurement characteristics of a modified test for the evaluation of aerobic capacity
– these characteristics point to the fact that such a test can be applied for the evaluation of aerobic capacity in adolescents.
Rakovac and associates prove the set hypotheses about the prevalence of chronic diseases sensitive to kinesiological treatment and that the long-term systematic participation of physical activity of postmenopausal women significantly decreases the incidence of those diseases.
A valuable contribution to a better under-standing of the influence of proprioceptive training on jumping strength and agility was made by Šimek Šalaj and assosiates. It was proven that correct programming of proprioceptive training significantly contributes to the improvement of the listed abilities and that it can therefore be applied in the programming of the training process.
Baić and associates analysed the differences between the indices of physical fitness of classical and free style wrestlers. The results showed that the strength endurance of the trunk and upper extremities is a statistically significant factor of the differences between the two groups of wrestlers in favour of the free style wrestlers.
Jones and Drust significantly contributed to a better understanding of the physiological and technical needs of top-level young football players and concluded that 4 v 4 and 8 v 8 games do affect the increased demands as regards the mentioned basic and specific anthropological characteristics.
Huciński and associates analysed the relations between the speed of motor reaction and sprinting with regard to the playing efficiency of basketball players in defence and in offense.
Štrumbelj and associates identified the differences between the patterns of breathing frequency during submaximal and maximal tests in swimming with and without the usage of a respiratory valve.
Prskalo and associates analysed the differences in the physical education teaching process after the implementation of the Bologna process of study regarding the more quality treatment of the kinesiological education classes that qualify the students for work in the area of physical education.
On the basis of the survey of the articles published in issue 39(2) 2007 it can be concluded that the scientific journal Kinesiology continues to publish articles from numerous areas of the kinesiological science thus successfully presenting the scientific achievements of researchers from the whole world and from Croatia.

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