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The Concept for Supporting and Preserving the Trustworthiness of Governmental Institutions' Records in Croatia by the Development of a State Cloud and the National Digital Archives

Arian Rajh orcid id ; Agencija za lijekove i medicinske proizvode, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Hrvoje Stančić orcid id ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Bojan Romčević ; Agencija za lijekove i medicinske proizvode, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Marin Vitaljić ; Agencija za lijekove i medicinske proizvode, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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This article proposes a conceptual solution for the cloud-based electronic recordkeeping system for Croatian governmental institutions. The solution could provide maintenance of authentic records for a large group of Croatian governmental institutions and the preservation of their archived materials. The proposed solution can also be the foundation for the national digital archives, which Croatia certainly needs. The absence of the national digital archives today resembles the
nonexistence of the national archives made of brick and concrete. In their proposal, the authors rely on a cloud solution, governed by the state for the reasons of storing large amounts of material more economically, and a blockchain solution controlled by the institutions-participants which can support the important archival aspects of the preserved digital records over time. What does it mean to store and archive authentic current and archival materials? What would be the consequences of this practice for the institutions themselves? Trust in institutions through the trust in their founders cannot be the foundation for the “places of authentication” (loca credibilia, trustworthy institutions) or the similar convention in the contemporary world. The quality of functions, processes and their digital recordkeeping systems and archives should be the cornerstone of this convention of confidence in institutions nowadays. In the first part of the article, the authors decompose the complex, tautological and fractally created notions of trustworthiness, reliability, and authenticity of the institutions, their systems and archives, and their records. The results of this deconstruction are operational concepts of the authenticity of records and trustworthiness of systems, archives, and institutions. These deconstructed concepts are now suitable for the construction of electronic records management systems and digital archives. The
preservation of the digital records, especially those which are digitally signed, and maintenance of their authenticity, represent the challenge for contemporary administrative and archival practice. The second part of the article deals with the archival concept of preservation and the problem of certificates issued only for a limited duration. In the third part of the article, the authors focus on the available technologies,
and in the fourth part of the article, the authors deal with the possible case study suggestion and the reference project management framework for one of the possible solutions. The fifth part of the article brings the discussion and reasoning for this endeavour. Comparing this cloud-based solution with a variety of in-house developed projects, it would take less investment per institution, the entire network would have a standardised level of protection of digital materials, the sustainability would be higher, and the transfers of materials to the national archives would be better prepared. The authors offer the conclusion and the further research directions in the last part of the article. The government and its institutions should have their administrative (business) processes streamlined and maintained, as well as their processes with current and archival records. There are many governmental institutions in Croatia which do not have this kind of controls in place and a system based on the proposed concept would help them catch up with the developed world. Finally, the development
of the system and the digital archives according to the proposed conceptual solution should significantly contribute to the proper recordkeeping practice and public’s trust in the governmental institutions.

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authentic archival materials, state cloud, public trust, blockchain, trusted institutions, national digital archives

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