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Net neutrality from legislative, technical and marketing perspective

Robert Idlbek orcid id ; Polytechnic in Pozega
Jasmina Mlađenovic ; Polytechnic in Pozega
Vjeran Blaskovic ; Poljoprivredna TV

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Net neutrality is the principle in which Internet service providers (ISPs) treat all data traffic equally, and none of them slows down or accelerates data transfer speeds depending on who the current user is, what kind of content is being transferred, from which web site it comes, or from which platform, application or communication model. So far this kind of ISPs behavior has been a standard, but by changing certain rules, new moments which can significantly change the way the Internet is use are coming.
Also, the way that we do business over Internet might change as well. The elimination of net neutrality can be seen from several perspectives, and we will pay attention to net neutrality from legislative, technical and marketing one.

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net neutrality; bandwidth trottling; quality of service

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