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A discourse on the origin of the oracles and the historical context surrounding the establishment of Pharos

Filip Budić

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In Croatian historiography, two passages by Diodorus
have always garnered particular attention. These
are the thirteenth and fourteenth chapters of book XV
in which this Greek historian from the 1st century BC,
originally from Sicily, described the arrival of the Parians
on the island of Pharos (today’s Hvar) in 385/384
BC. According to Diodorus (XV, 13, 4) the Parians sent
out colonists to the Adriatic following the advice of an
oracle (κατά τινα χρησμ/ν). The origin of this oracle
is elaborated in detail in this paper with the help of a
comparative analysis of selected passages from The Library
of History and the archaeological and historical
context. Particular scrutiny is accorded to the question
of whether the oracle originated in Dodona or Delphi.

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Parians; oracle; Diodorus; Dodona; Delphi; Pharos

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