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Inscriptiones Spalatenses ineditae 3: three spolia from Diocletian’s Palace

Dino Demicheli orcid id ; Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Filozofski fakultet, Odsjek za arheologiju

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This paper presents three thus far unpublished epigraphic
monuments used as spolia. All three were registered
in the narrower urban core of Split, i.e., in the
area of Diocletian’s Palace.1 Two are on the façades
of buildings, and one is built into a courtyard wall.
All of these fragments were originally parts of grave
monuments: a funerary altar, a stele or titulus, and a
sarcophagus or stele. The origin of these spolia cannot be established with any certainty, since they were all
built into structures that considerably post-date Diocletian’s
Palace. It is assumed that the two fragments
built into façades had not been published until now
because they had previously been covered with stucco
which had been removed in the meantime. These two
monuments may be dated to the 1st to 3rd centuries,
i.e., prior to Diocletian’s Palace, while the remaining
fragment may have possibly belonged to a later period.
The texts of the inscriptions reveal several names
that are rather rare in the inscriptions of Dalmatia.

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Split; epigraphy; Diocletian’s Palace; spolia; Roman inscriptions

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